Facebook’s 15th birthday

Fifteen years ago Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Mskovitz, Chris Hughes and Eduardo Saverin posted on the Internet the Facebook Page. A website designed to connect students at Harvard University.

The service quickly spread to other universities in the US, after which it changed its name to Facebook and continued its expansion to other international universities, and in an impulse of unstoppable growth the student experiment became the largest social network in the world, today , omnipresent in our lives, through applications such as Whatsapp or Instagram.

Currently Facebook has 2,300 million active users, 947 million are in Asia Pacific, 381 million in Europe, and 242 million in North America. India is the country with the most users, followed by the United States, Indonesia and Brazil. Mexico is in fifth place.

Facebook is today more than a social network even reaching its own film productions and competes with Netflix, HBO and Amazon.

Facebook's advertising service in combination with a Web page has become a very powerful tool for online sales and digital marketing, given the great global influence of the social network.

Nowadays it is almost impossible for anyone we know not to be under the influence of Facebook, since it offers messaging, entertainment, advertising and even assistance in case of natural disasters.

Awesome!!! Congratulations then to Facebook in your 15's !!!

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